Privacy Policy

The "POPIA" Act. (Protection of Personal Information Act, No.4 of 2013)

The Rand Athletic Club (RAC) is obliged to comply with the above Act. We now require members consent for the Club to use and store their Personal information on the Club Data Base.

The Personal Information we keep is:

  • First name
  • Last Name
  • Mobile Phone Number
  • Subscriptions paid or due
  • ID Number
  • Email Number
  • License Number
  • Date of Joining the Club

This information is updated, where necessary, on receipt of the Members annual Licence Renewal Form. The licence renewal form is relayed to our Provincial office for transfer to the National Athletic Parent body who in turn use it to update the Athlete Insurance Policy and their own records. RAC use the members personal addresses to publish communications such as the NewsFlash and other relevant information via the Internet or posts on Social Media pages like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Members photographs are, at times, also included in these communications.

If you do NOT wish to continue receiving our communications, please inform RAC of your wishes. This you can do by mailing: If no message to the contrary is received, we will assume that you DO wish to continue receiving our communications. If you are a non member and are currently receiving communications from RAC please would you confirm ifyou wish to continue receiving them. Do this by mailing your request to:

RAC is obliged to delete any information for which we have not been given permission to keep. The information RAC does retain is never sold. It is used exclusively for the administration of the Club, the dissemination of information and the verification of members ages and status.

Thank you for your cooperation. Dick Welch, Chairman RAC.