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The Rand Athletic Club (RAC) is a running club that caters for all types of runners.

Based in the heart of Johannesburg’s beautiful northern suburbs, you will find our RAC Clubhouse at the Old Parktonian Sports Club in Bordeaux.


Our club offers various training disciplines, from casual walkers and joggers, to track and field, cross country, marathon and ultra-marathon runners and our Comrades athletes.


Whatever your running aspirations are, you will find all the training, advice, tips and company you need to get started, and to get you through the miles. Our Comrades runners range from novices to green number runners, and our members are always willing to share their wealth of experience and guidance.

It started nearly 50 years ago, in September 1972.

Three friends, Ray Alborough, Caspar Greeff and Fritz Madel, living in the Northcliff corner of Johannesburg, decided to start a running club closer to their homes, and formed The RAND ATHLETIC CLUB.


The objective being to provide people with opportunities to RUN.


Fritz was the driving personality of the trio, and much of this is reflected in RAC.

Our predominately white colours are largely due to Fritz, who after running in Savages black colours decided that, in South Africa’s hot climate, white was much more suitable.


As a young student Fritz escaped from East Germany where he was born, and fled to Holland and then on to South Africa. While living in Durban he became infatuated with the Comrades Marathon. It epitomized the standards he strived for.

“Train the body and mind to perfection.”

He ultimately ran the Comrades Marathon 33 times, won 5 Gold Medals and 3 Silvers.

(in those days gold medals went to the top 5 runners)


Fritz was idealistic, and set out the RAC founding statement:


“What is available for one, must be available for all.”


This simple tenet is the rock on which RAC was founded.


As the new club grew, a particular ethos developed, one which is not found in many other running clubs. An ethos of WORKING TOGETHER to attain a common goal.


We all have to put one foot in front of the other to reach the finish line,

but RAC makes it possible for us all to do that, helping each other along the way. 

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