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Your RAC kit can be ordered by using the following link:

You can use the following code to access the RAC kit offering: mKQtNFPA6v

Wearing of RAC Club Colours, and Code Of Conduct:

Your RAC club kit is to be worn at all ASA races. 

You will receive two ASA Licenses, which are to be worn on the front and back of your RAC club vest at all races.

Please take note of the correct positioning of Race Numbers, as indicated below. Your event race number should be pinned to the front of your vest, it can cover your licence but the licence sponsor must be visible, see below.

Lic 1.png
Lic 2.png

If you are racing and would like to compete in your age category, please come and get an official age category tag, which should be attached to the front and back of your vest as well.

  • Welcome to your new running family and good luck at the races

  • Have fun out there and please always try to be courteous and make RAC proud. 

  • Listen to the marshals and be sure to thank them along the way, they are volunteers giving up their time to help you run. 

  • Don’t litter, there are always bins provided at water points, but if not, carry your sachets until you find a bin.

  • Support and encourage your fellow runners, it makes the hills so much easier.

  • If you run with a Garmin watch join the RAC STRAVA group, and log your RAC Time Trial runs and RAC Club Runs.  

  • Volunteer to help out at the club if you are able. All help is most welcome and our members are what makes RAC special.