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RAC has members scattered all around the suburbs of Johannesburg.

Our major club activities are centred around our base at The RAC Club at Old Parks Sports Club in Bordeaux.

However, many of our members along with other non-RAC runners, have formed informal running groups closer to their homes. Besides the important security and safety in numbers, there are several other advantages of running in a group. The main advantage is the social aspect of fun and the sense of camaraderie and friendship that develops within the group. Runners are also able to tap into the knowledge and experience of other runners in the group, ultimately building confidence and enhancing the whole running experience.

RAC has a culture of “FETCH” which keeps the group together, and our motto is:



There is a group that runs regularly from RAC: (Mike Goodhew - 084 512-8462)

Tues-Thurs:    5:00am – Group Training – various routes 
Saturday:        5:00am – Time Trial / 6:00am – Social run
Sunday:          5:00am / 6:00 – Long Club Run as per the RAC Club Run roster


Everybody Is Welcome !


Since the arrival of Covid, some running groups splintered into smaller groups, but most of our usual runners can still be found in the usual places. These are some of the groups that run regularly in and around our neighbourhood.


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