Some tips for running Cross Country:

Cross Country is FAST, FURIOUS and FUN. The competition is intense, but it’s also the friendliest and most companionable of all the athletics disciplines.  Runners who are not as fast as track speedsters, can easily hold their own, since Cross Country requires strength, guile and the ability to handle the uneven and undulating terrain. Everyone has the opportunity to shine.


Races are run in age groups, from little-ones (under 8) to Grandfathers, and the distances vary according to age groups.


The events are essentially team-events with the results calculated according to your position in the field. Consequently, it is essential for your club to field a full team to score. The more runners a club fields the better. Cross country courses are only approximate distances, so your times are not so important, but your position is vital.


Courses vary from mowed grass to foot paths in the veld.  There are invariably wide overtaking areas and narrow bottle-necks, as well as numerous humps and hollows to contend with.  Each league fixture is held at a different venue.


It is essential to go out and have a good look at the course before the race. Note areas which are narrow, look for sections where it will be easy to overtake, be aware of slippery or muddy sections and the best places to cross water. Watch out for tight bends, where it’s easy for the bunch to get boxed in.


Don’t start too fast but make sure you don’t lose touch with the leaders either. You can use the wider overtaking sections to accelerate and pass the front runners, then relax when the path narrows, and watch their response, and gear up for your next acceleration.


Cross Country races comprise of short bursts of anaerobic speed, at irregular intervals, interspersed with high-speed cruising. Prepare for this by doing interval training (fartlek) at least twice a week. Also include one hill-session each week to build up strength.

Cross Country is a team sport and results go according to finish positions. The winner scores 1, second scores 2 etc. The team with the lowest total score wins.

Good luck, and have FUN.


Online pre-entries only.


Access the CGA Cross Country page here:

Entries for each league will close at midnight on the Tuesday prior to each league.

Select the event you wish to enter and complete the form.

You must wear your 2022 license number at all times.

Please wear masks and observe all covid protocols.


Please contact us if you have any questions or if you need assistance.


Meshak Ndhlovu:       082 671-3518 (RAC Cross Country Captain)

Dick Welch:                 082 853-7330 (RAC Chairman)