Activities Information

How Do I Join RAC?

Click here to download the documents you need to complete to become an RAC member.

Free Sessions for RAC Members:


Every Monday, Tuesday and Saturday, RAC members are invited and encouraged to take part in Michelle Coach Mee's track sessions. These track sessions are designed to make runners, of all abilities and paces, faster.

GROUP RUNS (WEEKDAYS): (Please always keep an eye on our Facebook page for any late changes)

Hosted by Club Captain, Mike Goodhew and RAC Coach, Michelle Mee. These group runs are done both in the morning and afternoons with paces and distances to suit all abilities. Current sessions are listed below.


5:00pm - Track with Michelle Coach Mee


5:00am - Track with Michael Goodhew

6:00am - Track Coach Michelle

5:00pm - Strength with Jodie

5:30pm - Track with Coach Michelle

5:45pm - Time Trial (5km or 8km)


5:00am - Run with Mike

6:00am - 3km or 5km (8-9 minute per km pace - no-one gets left behind)

5:15pm - 10km Group Run (All welcome - no-one gets left behind)

5:30pm - Runstrong with Lauren


5:00am - Hills repeats with Mike

6:00am - 3km or 5km (8-9 minute per km pace - no-one gets left behind)


6:00am - Track with Coach Michelle

6:00am - 9km run with Mike

7:00am - Kids Session with Coach Michelle

7:00am - Sprinter Session


5:00am - Long Run with Mike

6:00am - 3km/5km or 8km at 6am (pace 8min to 9 min per km, no one gets left behind)

6:00am - 15km or 25km Long Run with Coach Michelle (no one gets left behind)


Please click here to see the latest weekend runs we've done. These runs remain pretty much the same in terms of times but we change the routes every weekend. Click here for the routes schedule we currently follow.


Time Trials are held every Tuesday at 17h45 at our clubhouse at Old Parks Sports Club. Please click here for more information about RAC Time Trials.

COACHING SESSION (Tailored to you):

Please contact Michelle Coach Mee on: 083 280 3605 or email her on